I want to tell your story. A good story makes the reader work just a little for the reward at the end. A good story makes you feel. A good story moves.

With a lifelong fascination in the power of storytelling, I’ll craft your brand’s voice and tell your story so your company grows in the strongest way possible.

I slay independent copywriting for companies I believe in, where I can organize boundless thoughts into meaning and brand.


I am Abi Cotler. I tell stories about myself, to my kids, and for my favorite brands. Life is a story…tell it!

My copywriting business brings together an MfA in creative writing and a background in fiction and journalism, with half a decade of experience in copywriting and brand direction (and by the way, I underscore that with an undergraduate degree in photography and many years of photo and visual production).

I am passionate about making connections with people who I can help be more successful. I love branding, wordplay, good storytelling, and I love me some clear communication with integrity.